Cheating wife yahoo

But is it?

The Best and Worst Questions People Ask on Yahoo

We decided to investigate Cheaters and found that the show may be doing a bit of cheating of its own. Watch our investigation.

Is my wife cheating on me yahoo

In one episode, a guy named Cody learns his "girlfriend" of three years is cheating on him with, of all people, his own cousin, Robby. What ensues is a violent confrontation.

The two cousins appear to be mortal enemies fighting over the same girlfriend, but we found a very different story. Cody told Guerrero how the entire fight was choreographed beforehand.

Cody's cousin gets caught up in the sheets; the pummeling is non-stop. The action spills into the yard. They say the producers then had Robby run up a ladder to the roof of the garage to escape his cousin's wrath. So, they said once he was up there, they said go crazy on him. And Cody did, throwing a garbage pail and spraying his cousin with a handy water hose. In the middle of all the action, Clark Gable II tries to interview the combatants.

My husband cheating me yahoo answers

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My husband cheating me yahoo answers

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