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The location inquiry:- Whether the alarm locator is put on the car or in a child bag or anywhere, the user can send SMS to the alarm locator GF to know the location, which will help you to make a whole-process monitor, to master the location of the object real time. It has a 2. It is provided with USB 2. These are available in vibrant colors of blue, black, red, and gold. These are made by using the highest grades of basic components under stringent quality norms by adhering to international standards.

Yet this storage device conceals a hidden super sensitive microphone which can record audio from a distance of 20ft. Hang on a lanyard or slip into a pocket, purse or your briefcase for discreet recording at the office or school, or to covertly record voice of abusing boss or bullying predators. Voice activation mode. This unit takes crystal clear audio recordings, even while plugged into the PC or laptop for charge.

The voice activation feature allows you to avoid long hours of silent recording and save battery life. Portable and easy to use.

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The flash drive needs no cables or batteries, making perfect for the covert operative on the go. It doesn''t need to be plugged in. Recording is as simple as a touch of the button. These superior make Audio Transmitter are being engineered by making use of genuine components. These conversations are stored internally to a removable SD card. This powerful recording device is only 2.

Monitor personal and business calls, and keep records of all the unique calls you make. It does not work on digital lines or internet, telephone or multi-line phone systems. Characteristics: Automatic or manual recording To convert. Understanding cellular interceptor operational goals help law enforcement and government agencies when looking to procure a mobile monitoring system. Call recording system empowers your organization to perform call recording with the ability to handle.

Compact; signal strength, loud, precise positioning, the picture is clear, stable, long standby, globe. It can save power Voice activated function If the surrounding voice is up to 60db, the monitor will automatically dial back to your phone to remind you that there are people around the monitor and they are talking, you can choose to listen or call back to monitor. It looks and writes just the same as an ordinary ballpoint pen, making it inconspicuous and unobtrusive.

Use the pen for repeating directions while on your cell phone.

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Or for help to memorize client names. This pen will work perfectly. Specification: 1. Memory: 8 GB 3. Recording format: MP3 5. Power: Rechargeable Lithium Battery Operating Temperature: degree Audio Frequency range: 20HzKHz Range 10 meters Battery Capacity 3.

Color: Black 2. Other Features: 1.

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Audio Recording: send instruction to X for audio recording 5. The voice sensitivity can be adjusted by instruction 7. Position: Widely applied across the world 8. Camera pixel: 2 million L.

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Size: 5. Standby time: about 10 to 15 days; working time is about 3 to 7 days 9. USB Cable Length: Advances Feature Browse through all the images present in the other phone and also images clicked by the other phone. Now, browse through the whole phonebook of the concerned person through our software. The software will tell you the exact location of the other phone through Google maps.

Audio format - wav.

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Range of built-in microphone - Bit audio codec - Recording Mode - mono. Sampling frequencies - 5. PC connection - USB 1. Dimensions - 29h12h15 mm. Weight - 6 in Operating temperature range - It comes with the most ordinary look and function of a common mouse yet it comes with covert spy feature.


You can dial the SIM card number and the device will automatically get activated to do the bugging, and as long as the mouse is connected with the PC it can work continuously without the trouble of power-off. And its built in litium battery can work continuously for 2 hours without connecting to a computer. Adopts dual mic design to ensure clear and true-to-life sound picking. Comes with all the functions of a common mouse As long as the mouse is connected with the PC it can work continuously without the trouble of power-off.

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Call Logs For employees and companies, it is really simple to monitor the call logs of their employees. View Installed Apps Employers can now view the list of installed apps on the phones and devices of their employees. Block Anonymous Calls Block phone calls from all unwanted numbers. Buy Now. Try Demo.

Twitter Screen Recorder Most of the employees use Twitter as a social media platform. Messenger Screen Recorder Messenger is the widely used social app for secret sharing among employees. Instagram Screen Recorder Your employees might be using Instagram while wasting office time. Line Spy App line is one of the widespread use of messaging apps among employees.