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The tweet caused outrage, and various outlets subsequently reported that Apple had "banned" the app. We are never on the App Store, they rejected it during the review process.

The process is resumed after recent appeal! Read more: Trump congratulated China's dictators while police brutally cracked down on pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong.

Apple bans Facebook from tech tools for tracking teen browsing habits

The appmaker speculated that the rejection was the result of a "bureaucratic f up" rather than deliberate censorship. Addressing Apple's concerns that the app lets people avoid the police, the developer noted that the map shows people areas designated as "illegal assembly.

The Hong Kong pro-democracy protests have continued for more than days. According to the New York Times , there have been more than 1, arrests. Violence between protesters and police in Hong Kong has escalated considerably.

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  4. On Tuesday Hong Kong police said protesters were throwing acid, and an year-old protester was shot in the chest. Apple approved and then banned an app called Baby Shaker, which allowed users to silence a virtual baby by shaking their phone, after protests by child welfare groups. And it just may explain why Apple decided to boot the app from the App Store — on the pretense that its depictions of child abuse and objectionable content were good cause for its removal.

    What Websites & Apps are Blocked in China? (Updated September )

    A seemingly related incident? Apps that track drone strikes.

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    • Trying to avoid cops, live rounds, tear gas? Oh no, you don't, say Cook & Co!

    It just presented their locations on a map. Apple has banned a variety of apps that have creepy functionality or posed privacy risks iStock. Over the years, Apple has banned a number of apps that raised significant privacy issues.


    Another creepy app Apple pulled from the App Store? Famous, which enabled users to assign numerical values to other people.

    Apple Bans App That Allowed Hong Kong Protestors to Track Police Movements [Updated x2]

    Apple once banned hundreds of iOS apps in a single incident. The reason why? Another privacy violation that got a bunch of apps banned from the App Store?

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    Most of those apps were copycats of existing titles. It was discovered the developer was giving out promotional codes in exchange for these five-star reviews. Apple has revoked that capability. As of Wednesday, a disclosure form on Betabound, one of the services that distributed Facebook Research, informed prospective users that by installing Facebook Research, they are letting Facebook collect a range of data.

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    This includes information on apps users have installed, when they use them and what they do on them. Information is also collected on how other people interact with users and their content within those apps, according to the disclosure. Betabound warned that Facebook may collect information even when an app or web browser uses encryption. Strafach said emails, social media activities, private messages and just about anything else could be intercepted. He said such traffic-capturing tools are only supposed to be for trusted partners to use internally.