Phone tracker java software

In this tracker, we offer a way to attach an event specific Subject if you want the event to be specific to a certain user. If you don't, we attempt to attach the Tracker subject or no Subject if neither are available. In this tracker, we offer a way to override the event id of a specific event instead of using the automatically generated one. If you don't use this option we will simply use the auto-generated alternative. Use track ScreenView event to track a user viewing a screen or equivalent within your app.

You must use either name or id. Arguments are:. You can use track PageView event to track a user viewing a web page within your app. The items argument is a List of individual EcommerceTransactionItem elements representing the items in the e-commerce transaction or it can be a varargs argument of many individual items.

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Note that track EcommerceTransaction event fires multiple events: one transaction event for the transaction as a whole, and one transaction item event for each element of the items List. To instantiate a EcommerceTransactionItem in your code, simply use the following constructor signature:. These are the fields that can appear as elements in each EcommerceTransactionItem element of the transaction item's List :.

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Use track Structured event to track a custom event happening in your app which fits the Google Analytics-style structure of having up to five fields with only the first two required :. Custom unstructured events are a flexible tool that enable Snowplow users to define their own event types and send them into Snowplow. When a user sends in a custom unstructured event, they do so as a JSON of name-value properties, that conforms to a JSON schema defined for the event earlier.

Use track Unstructured event to track a custom event which consists of a name and an unstructured set of properties. This is useful when:. For more on JSON schema, see the blog post. Events are sent using an Emitter class. You can initialize a class using a variety of builder functions. Here are the Emitter builder functions that can be used to make either a SimpleEmitter or BatchEmitter :.

We currently offer two different Http Clients that can be used to send events to our collectors.

Once created they need to be attached to the emitter in the httpClientAdapter builder argument. NOTE : it is encouraged to research how best you want to setup your ApacheClient for maximum performance. By default the Apache Client will never timeout and will also allow only two outbound connections at a time. We have used a PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager here to override that setting to allow up to 50 concurrent outbound connections.

A buffer is used to group events together in bulk before sending them. This is especially handy to reduce network usage. By default, the Emitter buffers up to 50 events before sending them. You can change this to send events instantly as soon as they are created like so:.

The Thread Count is the size of the available Thread Pool that events can be sent on. The bigger the Pool of Threads the faster events can be sent.

By default we use 50 Threads for sending but this can be altered up or down depending on many events you are sending. As well as how strong a computer the Tracker is running on. If an event fails to send because of a network issue, you can choose to handle the failure case with a callback class to react accordingly.

Create a GPS Location Tracker app in Android - Tutorial with Example

The callback class needs to implement the RequestCallback interface in order to do so. Here is a sample bit of code to show how it could work:. In the example, we can see an in-line example of handling the case. If events are all successfully sent, the onSuccess method returns the number of successful events sent. If there were any failures, the onFailure method returns the successful events sent if any and a list of events that failed to be sent i.

A common pattern here could be to re-send all failed events if they occur. It is up to the developer to determine whether they want to wait a certain amount of time before re-sending or if they want to re-send at all. A Payload interface is used for implementing a TrackerPayload and SelfDescribingJson , but accordingly, can be used to implement your own Payload class if you choose.

A TrackerPayload is used internally within the Java Tracker to create the tracking event payloads that are passed to an Emitter to be sent accordingly. A schema key with a valid schema value and a data key containing a Map of key-value pairs. This is used under the hood but is also useful for to know about when attaching custom contexts to events or creating Unstructured events. Documentation terms of use.

NET Tracker Node. Analytics Analytics-documentation Event-manifest-populator. Common Shredding Artifact repositories. Ignore Learn more. Dismiss Document your code Every project on GitHub comes with a version-controlled wiki to give your documentation the high level of care it deserves. I've posted a real question i'm facing and came here for a solution.

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Phone tracker java software

See the last edit I made. Could be that swingx-ws requires some other dependencies such as SwingX, but those you should be able to find on java. Have you tried the link? Not under downloads, but you can still connect to the SVN repository to get the sources.

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Phone tracker java

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